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Updated NEWS on 15 November 2021


Due to the pandemic. We have been appointed by few of our supplier to distribute their OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR in Singapore for export. The stock are limited and the Next estimated arrival of stock will be TWO WEEKS from above date by sea freight. We do take up urgent case by using air freight, Client can select to ship by air freight providing client willing to pay the difference of air freight cost (Note: For air freight selection, client need to call us before payment.).
Below is some of out stock and there are more difference type coming in to our factory in VIETNAM and CHINA. Do Contacts our Singapore office for more information.

Model: KJR-Y51W Model: MSLZY59 Model: YKR-10L
Click for detail for 5L Click for detail for 10L Click for detail for 10L
Model: ZH-A51 Model: ZY10QW  
Click for detail for 5L Click for detail for 10L  


Back in 1994, the company founder was providing freelance services in CAD drafting, HVAC calculations and electrical control panel designs for consultancy and contractor firms. With technical excellence and customer services satisfactions, business grown dramatically with involvements in many residential and commercial building projects and expanded into engagements staff.

Building on these experiences, technical knowledge and riding on the boom in the marine industry, we ventured into the marine and oil industry in 2001. In addition to provide HVAC calculations and CAD drafting, we ventured into a new area involving container modules designs and construction services in partnership with local contractors.

As our service ranges expanded and increased and demands from customers for a one stop comprehensive solutions provider, plus with the HVAC equipment company on their OEM products on a manufacturing factory, we decided to OEM our brand of with their manufacturing factory and their full existing facilities with our product designs. Thus, it has expanded our service scopes into HVAC, mechanical and electrical equipments supply and selections in the year 2005.

Currently, HVAC equipment for commercial and industrial usage are our main focuses, together with support from our solid manufacturing facilities. With strong connections in the industries, we are able to help customers to source for various electrical equipment and control parts like motors, control panels and high current circuit breakers too. Looking forward, we would continue to look for business opportunities and strengthen our technical and customer services standards.

One Stop Solutions
Many companies engage various contractors, consultants and suppliers in a single project. In SCEE, we take a different approach by providing more comprehensive solutions to our customers. Various services are available during the project phases and customers will have a choice to engage in any of our services and reduce the trouble of coordinating various parties by employing SCEE as a one stop solution provider.
Factory Facitity

With the steady growth of the turnover, the present site facilities currently include 48,000 sq.m. of land area, 10,500 sq.m. of production area, components warehouses of 2,190 sq.m. and finished products warehouses of 4,000 sq.m.

The newly completed building is equipped with general office, marketing and sales office, production office, quality control office, calibration room and psychometric calorimeter room.

For export, we have succeeded in all continents, with air-conditioning systems operating in different climates, from very cold climate in Canada and China to very warm climate in the Middle East, and widely ranging climate in Australia.

We have exported to many countries worldwide, so that exports accounted for 55% of the turnovers.

Globally Accepted

We have achieved widespread consumers acceptance through its strong commitment to technological development and quality certifications and awards as follows :

• European Quality Standards (CE)
• ISO 9001:2000
• ISO 14001:2004
• American certification (ETL)
• Grade 5 (the highest) electricity Generating Authority.
• Industrial Production Standards from Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) of the Ministry of Industry 1155-2536 and 2134-2545

All the awards and certificates, for both domestic and international standards, reflect our acceptance as a “ leader in the air conditioning business and Producer of world-class product.

We Know All About Refrigeration
Seacon is involved in the full-cycle air-conditioning businesses, from designs and developments to productions, including designs and installations for many buildings. Seacon has continuously stayed at the cutting edge of technology development and production to ensure that Seacon air-conditioners display the highest quality and meet the demands of domestic and international consumers. The company uses the best technology in the world at every step of production with the supervision of skilled technicians. Many inspections and monitoring steps are required to ensure standardized production. To further enhance
product quality, the company has invested in a Research and Development building - the “Calorimeter Test Room” - to deliver the highest quality to our consumers.
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