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28 January 2021
Dear all Client, Due to the viruses of the world, Some of our client that have order with us were shut down. All the pending and completed equipment were stocked in our warehouse. We currently are having too much stock in few country, Some of our existing client are asking us to help to sell off their stock which was order from us previously. Do email us if you need any equipment. Thank you
10 January 2021
Updated info, Dear all Client, Due to the viruses of the world, all business has go down including us. We will be having more service provided by our company, The detail will be posted on our web later time, Hope for your support. Thank You
18 August. 2020
Declaimination and Scam alert

Update. Dear All we are still receiving alot of feedback from bank and others individual on the following issue with our director CIS, passport detail and company information without our consent.

- Individual claim that they are our appoint mandate

- Bank instrument provider

- Project Funder

We have reported case to all relative department.
Kindly do verify with us at our contact if anyone comes across any of the above item which are using our company or director info. Thank you

17 August. 2020
All Client to be inform that our registered address will need to be updated to 10 Kallang Avenue, #14-10 Aperia Tower 2, Singapore 339510 from 17 August 2020 onwards.
21 May 2013

We have develop our new self contain Freezer Chiller Unit for small commercial and industrial applicetion. Its come with difference cooling capacity of temperature from 5 Deg. C to -20 Deg.C. This unit come with a temperature control setting and easy installation. Do visit our refrigerant page for more detail. Thank You

11 Jan 2013
We have incoperate with one of the biggerst UV production ling on producing UV lamp for air conditional and Water system filtering system. Do visit our UV Lamp page for more detail. Thank You
16 March to 18 March 2011
Dear All we would like to announce that we have complete our Vietnam HACR 2011 exhibition. We have obtain 70% of our expected result. Thank you for all your support at our Booth 1325. Below are some of our photo:
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