Introducing Our New Products UV Lamp, Self Contain Freezer Unit and Heat Pump

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        UV Lamp
Air Conditional
Heat Pump
UV Lamp
Self-Ballasted Mini UV
Tubular Double-Ended UV
Single Ended UV, H Shape
Single Ended UV, HB Shape
Single Ended High Power UV
High Watt UV Sterilizing
Integrated UV
CCFL, Cold Cathode UV
U Shape Cold Cathode
UV Ballast
Solar Equipment
Oxygen concentrator

Self-Ballasted Mini UV Lamp (10V/3W)
Made of quartz glass, classified to ozone and without ozone.
Connect into main wire voltage 220V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz with incandescent lamp or special made capacitor,
no need of ballast.

    Tubular Double-Ended UV Lamp
Hot cathode, pre-heat start; Average life time: 8,000hrs.
All kinds of sockets and fittings can be available; Ceramic base.
Different diameters of quartz glass and matched caps.
    Single Ended UV Lamp, H Shape
110V or 220V starter and capacitor inside.
Only capacitor needed by using electronic ballast.
More compact, easy to install.
    Single Ended UV Lamp, HB Shape
Base: 2G11 or G32q, the latter can be put starter and capacitor inside.
High wattages can be made; high density ozone disinfects big areas.
Reflector or reflector plate matched.
    Single Ended High Power UV Lamp, 4 Pins
Special treatment on electrode and quartz tubes to make lifetime longer and improve UV light output. Two different bases,
match to quartz glass sleeves of 20mm and 22mm inner diameters. High ozone lamps can produce hydroxyl in the water, dissolve organism,
and reduce TOC.
    High Wattage UV Lamp, UV Sterilizing Module
Lamp current from 400mA to 2500mA; high wattage, power density exceeds 2W/cm2
Different types of ballast are available for different lamps, the maximum output current of electronical ballast exceeds 2500mA, power factor exceeds 0.98; long lifetime reach 12,000hrs for UV lamps.
    Integrated UV Lamp
The integrated UV lamp can be applied to air purification and surface disinfection of objects in kitchens and bedrooms.
Additionally, the UV lamp is suitable for sterilization on a small scale.
    UVA Lamp
The UVA lamp, made using uviol glass, comes in sizes of the T5 and T8 fluorescent lamp. It comes with U shape and H shape light tube.
Test the money paper, inspection skin, photochemical action, photo solidify and insects luring.
    CCFL, Cold Cathode UV Lamp
For our cold cathode UV lamp, light tubes of φ4, φ5, φ6, φ9 and φ12 are available. The length of the lamp ranges from 50m to 500m. The cold cathode tube current is up to 5-20mA or even higher. With wavelength of 254nm, the cold cathode UV lamp offers the UV intensity of 200-2000μW/cm2, in addition to long life.
    U Shape Cold Cathode, Lamp Base
As regards our U shape cold cathode UV lamp, the light tube comes in diameters of 4mm, 5mm and 6mm and length range of 50mm-300mm. Ozone and ozone free tubes are available. The UV lamp comes with black silicone rubber lamp base, on both sides of which there is a 3mm screw hole. The lamp base can.
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