Introducing Our New Products UV Lamp, Self Contain Freezer Unit and Heat Pump

AD Bar
        Single Ended UV, H Shape
Air Conditional
Heat Pump
UV Lamp
Self-Ballasted Mini UV
Tubular Double-Ended UV
Single Ended UV, H Shape
Single Ended UV, HB Shape
Single Ended High Power UV
High Watt UV Sterilizing
Integrated UV
CCFL, Cold Cathode UV
U Shape Cold Cathode
UV Ballast
Solar Equipment
Oxygen concentrator
Single Ended UV Lamp, H Shape
110V or 220V starter and capacitor inside.
Only capacitor needed by using electronic ballast.
More compact, easy to install.
Medical disinfection and air clean, deodorization and bactericide aquarium UV sterilizers.
Lamp Tube Lamp Base Cartons Size (cm) Pack-

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Product Code Tube Dia (mm) Power (W) Lamp Voltage (V) Lamp Current (mA) Base Face Length (mm) 254nm UV Intensityat 1m (μW/cm2) Type Code Material Length (mm)
ZW5D12W(Y)-H85 φ12(T4) 5 30-40 180 85 14 G23 Plastic 22 40.2*25*32 200 Purchase
ZW7D12W(Y)-H115 φ12(T4) 7 42-52 175 115 15 22 35*26.5*25 50 Purchase
ZW9D12W(Y)-H145 φ12(T4) 9 54-66 170 145 23 22 40*38*25.5 200 Purchase
ZW11D12W(Y)-H215 φ12(T4) 11 81-99 155 215 38 22 40*25*22 200 Purchase
ZW13D12W(Y)-H164 φ12(T4) 13 48-62 300 164 40 22 40*25*42.5 200 Purchase
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