Introducing Our New Products UV Lamp, Self Contain Freezer Unit and Heat Pump

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        High Watt UV Sterilizing
Air Conditional
Heat Pump
UV Lamp
Self-Ballasted Mini UV
Tubular Double-Ended UV
Single Ended UV, H Shape
Single Ended UV, HB Shape
Single Ended High Power UV
High Watt UV Sterilizing
Integrated UV
CCFL, Cold Cathode UV
U Shape Cold Cathode
UV Ballast
Solar Equipment
Oxygen concentrator
High Wattage UV Lamp, UV Sterilizing Module

Lamp current from 400mA to 2500mA; high wattage, power density exceeds 2W/cm2
Different types of ballast are available for different lamps, the maximum output current of electronical ballast exceeds 2500mA, power factor exceeds 0.98; long lifetime reach 12,000hrs for UV lamps

Large-scale water treatment for domestic sewage, industrial waste water, seawater, high purity water, etc; air clean systems; We also can develop and supply UV sterilizing equipment for waste water, pure water and other special application.
Lamp Tube Lamp Base Cartons Size (cm) Pack-

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Product Code Tube Dia (mm) Power (W) Lamp Voltage (V) Lamp Current (mA) Base Face Length (mm) 254nm UV Intensity at 1m (μW/cm2) Type Code Material Length (mm)
ZW55D15W-Z1149 φ15 55 180 400 1149 170 G10q Ceramic 34 122.9*24*30.5 30 Purchase
ZW75D15W-Z1554 φ15 75 200 400 1554 260 161.5*24*30.5 30 Purchase
ZW80D19W-Z846 φ19 80 120 800 846 240 92.3*23.3*30.5 30 Purchase
ZW120D19W-Z1149 φ19 120 170 800 1149 330 122.9*24*30.5 30 Purchase
ZW150D19W-Z1554 φ19 150 220 800 1554 400 161.5*24*30.5 30 Purchase
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